Friday, February 17, 2006

Special Offer!

For one day only you are allowed, nay encouraged to touch the monkey.

Why? Because I'm in a good mood despite the fact that it's 7pm on Friday and I'm still at work because I had to rebuild 2 files I accidentially destroyed this afternoon.

Why am I in a good mood? Well, a year has gone by where I have worked the same job, and not been laid off or let go. I got 2 weeks vacation, and I was just informed that I am getting a Festivus Bonus AND a raise. Granted I still make peanuts but as my friend Chris says "More peanuts > Less peanuts".

Then there is the perplexing award thing. Perplexing in that a project that I worked extensively on recieved a local Addy Award ®. This is especially funny because both the Art Director and I laughed about what a poor addition it would make to ones book, and now it's award winning. And how we fought on the background and edge distressing! I reworked this piece at least 20 times.

So while I hate and have little respect for Advertising, I am proud that something I worked on won an award. I mean, I can't even beat my English as a Second Language wife at Scrabble®. So there, I'm a self-hating Production Artist. " I Hate You! Recognize Me!" Ahahahahahahahaha! Too bad that that my distain for the award led me to leaving my name off of the piece so I go unrecognized. But that's ok, I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member. Oh wait...I did. Oh well. *shrugs.

I composed the piece from a low res comp. Added new eyes to Charlie, then retouched them to make them more squnty, color corrected the head and hands, smallified the head, added a new bottle, then added a new bottle label, distressed the the edges, background and type, and sent it all out for print.

Kneel Before Zod!

Weep at the glory, then gag from the commercialism, then close the window and forget about it because it's all disposable anyway.

Remember "Fuck the Man! and Work is for Saps and Suckers!"

And today only (or tomorrow or...Sunday), feel free to Touch the Monkey.

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