Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lynda Carter WONDER WOMAN mannequin unfinished costume

Get_off copy

My First Mate is looking to buy a mannequin so she can sell some clothes on Ebay and she came across this item. It's obviously a little pricey for us, but very cool none-the-less (in a weird obsessive way).

All I can think of when I see this is Alessandra barking at me in her stern outraged voice: Plattner! Get off the mannequin!

Me: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Wife: Get OFF the mannequin, not "get off" on the mannequin. I swear Plattner, we can't own anything nice. I hope you get splinters...

Now I always thought Lynda Carter had a weird waist to hip thing going on, but I still am totally turned on by her as Wonder Woman.

Enjoy more photos at the retroCRUSH: Wonder Woman Gallery

BTW-If any of my 10 regular readers know where Ale can accquire a mannequin, please let us know.

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