Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cap'n Update

Working Woes
With the new regime at the office, both Me and my coworker Mark are totaly slammed. The office picked up a job to do some web banners for our client, and we haven't done (as a company) web banners before, and the job fell on me after I discovered Mark (who usually knows everything) doesn't know Flash. Me? I haven't used Flash in over a year, so I had to quickly reaqauint myself. 4 different creative executions, at 9 different sizes for 6 different clients. The majority of them due Wed, when I picked up the job on Monday. I worked a 14 hr day where I didn't look up from the computer or take a lunch, so I essentially lost my verbal faculties...which made it a huge drag when people kept coming to me asking why the job wasn't done yet and should we send the work out to freelancers. I had a difficult time telling them, that it would take 2 hours or so to organize everything, and even talking to them was slowing down production. The fact is, as much as the job sucked, both Mark and I would love to get into web production. One problem in our industry/company, is pidgeonholing. If the powers that be think you do print, for some reason they think you can't do web and vice versa, so they don't give you the work. And it was up to me to prove that we could get the job done.

Unfortunately late Wed., I was informed that I needed to add code to my banners, and I haven't coded in 2 years. So I called my friend Chris to wrangle some code out of him...and I subsequently had to redo all my work from before.

Friday, I was told that I needed to send out place holder graphics for the banners in case there were people who didn't have Flash Player, so I had to make animated gifs at obscenely small sizes and poor quality where I could, and static images where I couldn't. Which resulted in me having to run through another 10 step process to get what I needed. And when I was done late Friday afternoon, I discovered I had generated 763 discrete files (and none of those image sliced like part 2 of 10 which is push button easy), of Flash files. Shockwave files, Layered Photoshops, Quicktime movies, jpegs, gifs, animated gigs, and html pages. Crazy, crazy amounts of files. When you generate that much shit, the potential for problems exponentially increases, and for a short, horrific period yesterday, I was convinced I put the wrong code in the banners and would have to redo them because I really depended on my friend's expertiese, and I just blindly dropped the code in without comprehension. Some sites accepted the banners and code, but I still may be fucked. I won't know until monday. If something goes wrong, the folks who gave me the work, have no idea how many steps I had to go through to get their work, and how fast I had to do it. So I hope everything works out.

What else?
Last night Carnival began in Brazil, so tonight the local Brasillians are coming over to hang out and watch the parades (which make our local Mardi Gras and the one in New Orleans look like blockparties. So today Ale and I have to clean up the house.

Ummm. On Tuesday I got to play guitar with my friend Sky and his Irish Flute playing partner Seamus. It went well though I still have some work to do learning how the songs work and making chord transitions. There may be no end result or gig with them, but it was nice to play with other musicians who have experience working in music. There was less noodling, and more "Lets do this song. Discuss it, do it again, and again," structure that I need to keep focus. Sky invited me back again next week to do it again.

Now it's off to clean the sty.


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