Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Menagerie


I was over at my friends house last night to play guitar, and while I know he is a Herpophile and has a number of snakes and reptiles it had been a while since I checked out the exhibit. He took me into his creepy Silence of the Lambs-esque basement to show me his updated Herp Room. It was nice and toasty warm and much cleaner and less stinky than I remembered. To my left was a large plastic garden pool filled with water and turtles, and there were aquariums on shelves all over the place.

Here is an estimate of what he has:

2 Pythons
2 Kingsnakes
3 Rattlesnakes
1 Boa
2 Basilisks
6 river turtles
1 snapping turtle
3 geckos

Upstairs he has

2 or so Cockatiels

1 fancy legged pigeon

1 bantam rooster

1 dog

He took me out to visit with the rooster whom someone had brought into the local Wild Bird Sanctuary. They had found the rooster in North St. Louis, so either someone was going to eat him, or fight him. I had never seen a live rooster before, I don't think and certainly never held one, but my friend picked him up and gave him to me.

The rooster named "Bauk", had sharp talons which dug into my hand, but the thing that surprised me most was that Bauk enjoyed being held and scratched. He was cooing which was the rooster equivelent of purring, and his eyes were half closed in rooster pleasure. This leads me to the next thing, which dawned on me as I was getting ready to write this...namely, "How can I eat something that obviously has a form of emotions?"

The answer is: I don't think I can any more than I could eat my cat. Well, maybe not THAT strong, but still. I am kind of put off of it, and I have a Lemongrass Chicken meal for lunch today. WTF just happened? I don't think I could live as a vegetarian, but still...sigh.

I have to give this some serious thought.

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