Monday, January 23, 2006

Hanging Out with the Roller Girls


As I mentioned in a previous post, I dig Roller Derby Girls. Well, St. Louis is finally jumping on the band wagon and starting up their own league.

Last Friday I went to a fund raiser at the Way Out Club with my friends Mike and Sappo. The place was mobbed with hipsters and rollergirls, and the line for the door went around the block. I bought a t-shirt to support the Arch Rival Roller Girls, and may try to get an e-friend to sponsor them.

I had a good time looking at the hot tattooed (and taboo), future head breakers, and had a tough time reconciling some with the killer instinct it would take to be successful at it. But that's just me making snap judgements. I didn't mention it to any of the ladies as I didn't want a kick to the balls or a bottle busted on my head as proof they were tough enough. But then again, I'm kind of shy (and married), so I didn't really talk to very many girls.


I think that's what I like about the whole aspect of the Rollergirls. I think I have a superhero fetish for powerful women. Well, I wouldn't think, I know...some of my first girl kissing as a child involved pretending I was Superman, and the girl was either Batgirl or Wonder Woman. And these ladies get to put on their costumes and kickass. It works for me on many levels (seeing as I'm a big fan of women empowerment) as well as the base sexual level. I don't don't personally support many sports teams or even really get competition, but this is a movement I can totally get behind.


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