Saturday, January 28, 2006

The 500 Coolest Chicks Ever!

A work in in progress by the greatly named Mr. Satanism.

I'm feeling oddly adult today in that I'm "cleaning" the house. When I was a young bachelor I lived in an honest to goodness pigsty, now I do the dishes, laundry, sweep and mop pretty much without being told. I still leave a trail of books, and pretty much everything I touch somewhere different from where I found it, but that's more a matter of sloppy and messy than outright sanitation dirty. I even did some yardwork today spending an hour and a half picking up Sweet Gumballs with the Nut Wizard. A fantastic invention. So simple that you could just kick yourself, I hope they sell a million of them. At least until I invent the Nut Mage which will be a Nut Wizard with a flashlight on the handle so you can work at night.

Oh yeah what was I doing? Stalling and procrastinating. The stupid floors won't sweep themselves. Bye.

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