Friday, December 23, 2005

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God is for Suckers!

God is NOT an Asshole

I am personally mixed on the subject of God/Gods. I used to pray twice a day for several years in my alcoholic recovery, now I don't. I used to turn my life over to the care of God (Yaweh), and I now I don't. Sometimes I feel a deep spiritual emptiness, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I pray to the Goddess in her many forms, sometimes I specifically call to Eris.

I occasionally wake up a night screaming, hitting myself or leaping out of bed and running from the Existential Crisis of picturing oblivion. This tends to frighten my wife, but what can I do, I'm asleep.

I think Faith is bullshit. Believing something without evidence is for suckers, though like God(dess), I feel the same way about UFOs, Cryptozoological Creatures and the multiple male orgasm. Some days I believe, some days I don't.

The things I am certain of are these: That humanity has the ability to feed, clothe, educate and take care of the needs of every single person on earth while at the same time reversing the ecological damage we've wrought...and we aren't fucking doing it.

Why not? Because of our different interpretations of God and his/her laws, rules, codes and other bullshit that people blindly follow on "Faith", and all philosophies personal and national that from these invisible memes. God (should it exist), may not be an asshole (though there is no proof this is true), but most Humanity sure is if only because we sleep walk when we should be awake and working for a better tomorrow all the time. One in which no race or gender is oppressed, and everyone has an equal voice and stake in the survival of the planet and all her children. When anyone is living below their means, forced to work for substandard wages, and fight for daily survival, they will never lift their eyes out of the gutter and live in a world ruled by personal fears and ignorance. And they will take it out on someone else. This bullshit has to stop now because it's still not too late, but we are almost at that point. You know what you have to do. Do it. Make the world a better place every day.

Those are the things I believe. Oh yeah...I also believe in the magical redemptive power of Love and that the world really is run by 12 Jewish Bankers who are neither all Jews nor all Bankers.


Cap'n Marrrrk

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