Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jon Stewart to Bill O'Reilly "Feliz Navidad"

-Bill O'Reilly (A Christian) calls out Jon Stewart (A Jew) as a leader in the War against Xmas. O'Reilly during the most watched news hour on Cable TV [Link]
-Jon Stewart is quick to point to his audience that the clip Bill used was from 12 months ago. It's easy to trust Jon's word on that.
-Jon Stewart to Bill O'Reilly "I am your Enemy..." leading to a fantastic punchline.Click title to watch.

What a weird media exchange. A "Newsman" attacking a fake news show by lying about the date of the clip in question. What sort of demented world is O'Reilly living?

A brief note to Bill O'Reilly: Its a comedy, fake news program. If you weren't such a freak and providing grist for the mill with your antics, no one would even care. They lampoon EVERYBODY, not just you or the Republican Party, but self-important idiots who insist on making life miserable for others in order for self gain. In case you don't get it, you fall into that category.

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