Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From Cap'n Marrrrk to General Nusiance

Sorry for the post delay, we have guests in from out of town, and it's taking up my attention.

I was out Xmas Shopping yesterday and today, and I went crazy with the TV B Gone. I can't believe how many stores have video monitors for me to shut down, it's crazy. And while I can't get them all, I can do battle as a general irritant.

More than once the tv was turned back on, only to be turned off again a moment later. I've shut them off while talking to sales associates, I've watched the confused looks on their faces as they wonder how their tv's turned off on their own. I did a walk through at Best Buy and shut off a dozen or so, also baffling the sales people. Just a drop in the bucket, but goddamn is it fun!

Funny Titles:
A 80% book outlet opened across the street from the Mall, so my brother-in-law Wallace and I stopped in to see what was there. Here are some titles of bookstore "overstock"

How to be a Ghost Hunter

The Complete Idiots Guide to the Mafia

Top 10 Everything of 2003

Rising Fire: Volcanoes and our Inner Lives

Painless Research Projects
(Look people...if it doesn't hurt, it's not advancing science)

And my own personal favorite: Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse-My Life in Comedy by Phyllis Diller

Less than 2 hours before concert time. WHEEEEE!

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