Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dr. Albert Hofmann will celebrate his 100th birthday on January 11th, 2006!

Yes, it is true, Dr. Hofmann will be reaching the wonderful age of 100 years this coming January! Dr. Hofmann's influence on the world as we know it today can not be estimated. From studies in consciousness to psychiatry and psychology, from music over art to fashion, computer and software development to philosophy, spirituality, and religious studies, his discovery of the psychoactive properties of LSD-25 have touched millions of people all over the world.

To help celebrate Dr. Hofmann's life and birthday, a wonderful international symposium is set to be held in Basel, Switzerland, on January 13-15 2006. This symposium will feature some of the most famous scientists, writers, artists, and friends of Dr. Hofmann with presentations and discussion forums. You can find out more and order tickets at the event's website: http://www.lsd.info

Several members of the Albert Hofmann Foundation will attend and present at this convention. Look for a report and photos of the event in late January or early February 2006, to be posted in our What's New section.

Those of our readers that can not attend this symposium still can join the celebration by getting together with friends on January 11th to celebrate, or just light a candle to honor this outstanding man!

If you would like to send greetings to Dr. Hofmann, we set up a temporary e-mail address for this purpose: birthday at hofmann.org.
Please use the subject line "Happy Birthday Dr. Hofmann!" for your e-mails. We will print a selection of messages received and bring them to Dr. Hofmann in January. It would help to keep it short and please understand that Dr. Hofmann will not be able to reply, though he will certainly appreciate all messages! Also please do not send attachments without notifying us first in a seperate message.

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