Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cap'n Marrrrk, Casualty of the Christmas Wars

So I heard from my 2nd Tier boss (I have 4 tiers and 4.25 bosses), that the Header for our Company Christmas Party invitation was changed from Merry Christmas to Buon Natale (Italian for "Merry Christmas") because as the only "Jew" in the company, they didn't want to offend me.

Wow. Someone cares not to offend me. Wow again.

Upon hearing this I marched right in to the office manager's uh, office and asked if this were true? When the answer came back affirmative, I told her she needn't worry about offending me on this issue because this issue doesn't offend me. In my opinion, this I didn't tell her, Secular Christmas, or Giftmas resembles the Solar Return about as much as my poop resembles beefsteak. So there...

I must admit to being flattered that they cared, but in this instance only, is it wasted.

Merry Festivus!

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