Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ahhhh Vacation II

Damn, I lost my post...retype.

Sorry for the light blogging, but being on vacation this week, I've been goofing off bigtime. Today I rode my bike trainer, watched a movie Dark Side of the Moon (documentary), went book shopping, bought a Bonsai Starter plant for my Xmas gift bonsai kit, practiced guitar, read a little and played Warcraft just long enough to get killed.

Tomorrow it looks to be more of the same. If I find something fun during breakfast I'll post it, but I'm awfully busy being lazy. My friend Rich is in from Japan, so I'm gonna hang with him...maybe drink a bubble tea or something. I am taking Tala in to be shaved and goofing some more.

A very lazy...yarrrrrrrrr.

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