Sunday, May 01, 2005


I hate my cell phone. It gives me crappy reception everywhere, I can't use it without people breaking up, Cingular sucks and so does my Samsung phone.

I hardly get any calls, so it doesn't matter does it?

I lost it at HHTTG on friday. I turned it off to be polite in the theater, and it fell out.

Some fucker found it, turned it on, called the first number on the list, didn't leave a message, didn't turn it into lost and found...nothing. Fucker.

I don't care for the phone, but I have it "for emergencies", it's bullshit, but I want to be able to contact and be contacted by Ale whenever.

Now I'm out a couple hundred bucks because some fucker didn't do the right thing and turn in the fucking phone.

I'm pretty pissed at Humanity in general right now.

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