Monday, May 16, 2005

Nerd Alert: Cap'n Marrrrk-Dark Lord of the Sith

There's always a story...I worked for a company that did all the promotions for The Phantom Menace for KFC, and I recieved 1 and only 1 ticket for a sneak preview for the franchisees. After waiting 8 hours in line to get tickets for the premier of TPM at a theater so Alessandra could see it on Opening Day, the agency came through with another ticket. All we had seen were images of Darth Maul. We had no idea he'd only get 3 minutes screen time then die at the end. So we set out for the costume shop where we discovered there were no Darth Maul costume kits, so we bought some "smashed glass" prosthetics, a ninja suit and some make up where Alessandra any my friend Chris (who comments here) spent the next 2 hours making me up.

Chris smoked some weed in a gas station bathroom out of respect for my newish sobriety. We had a good time despite the fact the story kind of sucked, and the acting was weak. And the very next night Alessandra and I saw TPM again after waiting 8 hours in line to get the good seats at the theater. And that's the story of my biggest Nerd Moment.

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