Saturday, May 14, 2005

More from the St. Petersburg Times- 'Empire Strikes Back' but force diminished

There is one lag in the action. Luke meets a green, 800-yoar old dwarf who speaks in backward English and who instructs Luke in using the Force to promote goodness and to oppose evil. His sessions teaching Luke psychokinesis are too long. But then, the whole concept of the Star Wars saga is based on this sort of self-conscious excess. And the creature - Yoda, an animated puppet by Frank Oz of the Muppet company - could turn out to be as popular as the robots who won fame in their first film....

Will George Lucas "go Hollywood" now that he's joined filmdom's elite? Not likely, the San Francisco-area resident indicates in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. When asked about the folks who run the film industry, Lucas replied, "They're rather sleazy, unscrupulous people. L.A. is where they make deals, do business in the classic corporate American Way, which is screw everybody and do whatever you can to make the biggest profit."

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