Monday, May 09, 2005

Life is what happens to other people...

Here's a list of extened family news from the week or so. I only post it due to general interest. There's so much going on it's downright freaky.

Step Father Out of Prison

SIster-In-Law Engaged, fiance just passed his real estate exam.

Brother in Law (18) knocked up girlfriend, girlfriend abandoned by parents and forced to live with Brother-In-Law and Father in Law family.

Sister-in Law just discovered her cancer returned and has riddled her body. Her mostly adult children will have nothing to do with her and won't talk to her. She may have to take youngest daughter and live with Father In Law with the pregnant girlfriend.

Father-In Law btw has Emphysema and won't quit smoking.

Uncle passed out at basketball game, hospitalized for having nearly no Potassium.

Cousin In Law (Married to daughter of uncle above), just today had a head-on collision with his children in the car at 45 mph. Airbags save the day, but all are shaken. Said Cousin-in Law, soon to be unemployed because he didn't get Tenure at his university and his appeal failed.

So how is your day going? Perhaps it's time to watch What the Bleep Do We Know!?™

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