Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Groaner...

While thinking about something else, a punch line for a joke occured to me, but having no set up I had to create one. So while dropping the kids off at the pool, I slapped one together.

Bob is a man with a jealous wife who thinks Bob is a philanderer, but has no proof. One day Bob's boss comes up with some tickets to go see Branford Marsalis, and while Bob is not really into saxiphone jazz, he goes because it gives him a chance to schmooze the boss. Bob's wife, Janice is not happy because she thinks it's an excuse to go fool around with some floozy, but she has no proof so she doesn't make an issue of it.

The show is a disaster. In an unprecidented turn of events, Branford's crew did not have enough reeds in stock and midway through the set, Branford split is working reed and after a few ear splitting songs, left the stage. Bob comes home to Jancie who tests him by asking about the show.

"Man," says Bob trying to be funny. "That was the worst sax I've ever had." Janice becomes furious, leaves Bob, promptly gets a divorce and half of his income.

The moral of the story is: No good reed goes unpunished.

Ba-Dum Bum.

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