Monday, May 09, 2005

Fill in the Blank: Work is for________

You can't even get a rest on the weekend,' Lockhead said from his cellphone in the Dallas airport after sales meetings in Mexico. 'The reality is that when you do business globally, somebody working for you is always on the clock.'

Some executives who ask workers to burn the midnight oil offer flexibility — longer lunch breaks, telecommuting privileges and complimentary dinner if you work past 6 p.m. Others dismiss complainers as spoiled or provincial — after all, customer-service representatives in Asia have worked on U.S. schedules for more than a decade, so why shouldn't Americans deal with time-zone challenges as the industry globalizes?

The staunchest advocates say whiners should find new professions. Richard Spitz, who leads the technology division of the recruiting firm Korn/Ferry International, says corporate clients want employees who embrace a 24-hour business cycle.

The New World Order has arrived. The Global Economy is calling and it's hungry for some new meat. We are at the transition point where we are already forgetting how to live and consuming is our only happiness. What will the next generation be like?

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