Friday, May 13, 2005

Common Sense Wins Out: Proposal to drug test students gets no local support

That's something that has been kicked around for years,' Hillsboro R-3 Superintendent Shelton Smith said. 'Quite frankly, with the cost involved and the inconclusive information you draw, this is just not of interest to this district.'

'There are a lot of problems surrounding drug testing students,' Windsor C-1 Superintendent Rudy Duran said. 'You've got expenses and you've also got ethical questions about whether or not it's what we should be doing. Here at Windsor it's not been a consideration.

There is funding available to randomly drug test students in extracurricular activities," he said. "I think it's like a lot of ideas – if you do it right it will work. If you do it badly, it will be a disaster.

Finally a voice of reason! I wonder how long Mr. Smith will keep his job.

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