Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Minor Magic and the Lightly Weird Head Trip

I work, I am paid via direct deposit. My money is invisible, intangible and I want a guitar. I cash a check for 400 of my invisible dollars and recieve green paper which represents actual gold held at a bank somewhere. My abstraction was conjured from the Aether with another abstraction.

I take the money to the guitar shop and exchange it for a material object, handcrafted by Canadian Luthiers, and strumming it creates vibrations which can effect emotions.

A week later, my credit card arrives, Alessandra goes down to the guitar shop, where she is given the $400 cash back, she recharges the guitar on the credit card (so we can get credit for air miles per purchase). I take the money back to the bank and dematerialize it back into my electronic checking account (back to the Aether for you Mr. Franklin), and later we will use that invisible abstraction to pay the bill on the Credit Card.

Wow, it really trips me out thinking about this. It's like I'm still smoking weed. Everyday should have such weird-ass revelations.

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