Saturday, April 30, 2005

For a life less ordinary, try marrying an otaku

Japan Times: For a life less ordinary, try marrying an otaku: "Wedding bells rang for my friend Yoshika six months ago and last night a bunch of us got together over drinks to hear all about it -- her new life as a wife to a genuine, full-fledged ota-yome (wife of an otaku or 'nerd').

I have two Japanophile friends, John and Rich. Rich more for the girls and philosphy, and John for the culture. Rich is currently living in Japan swings by NTM! Hi Rich! John married my friend Deb, became my friend and plays D & D with me on Thrusdays.

John is closest to otaku, but his wife drew the line on the number of action figures allowed upstairs outside the "Man Cave", but she is learning to watch the anime movies and such as time goes on. Subsequently, it was John who found this article and printed it up for Deb who passed it along to me. For the record, John is not a social cripple like the real otaku, plays guitar quite well, and is really funny.

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