Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Repost: Gay is the new nigger

After watching Keith Olbermann's comment about Prop 8 in California Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love I remembered I had posted this back in July 04.

Bush Presses Case Against Gay Marriage

"If courts create their own arbitrary definition of marriage as a mere legal contract, and cut marriage off from its cultural, religious and natural roots, then the meaning of marriage is lost and the institution is weakened."

Bush singled out Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court, which called marriage an evolving paradigm. "That sends a message to the next generation that marriage has no enduring meaning, and that ages of moral teaching and human experience have nothing to teach us about this institution," he said.

The president urged the House and Senate to send to the states for ratification an amendment that defines marriage in the United States as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife. Article

Mr. President, I have nothing but contempt for you.

Divorce rates are around 50% and you are talking about the Sancity of Marriage?

You want to change the U.S. Constitution to make the definition of Marriage between Man and Woman? Why don't you skip the middle man and just call Homosexuals "Uppity Niggers?" because you would be writing discrimination back into the foundation of our country.

You sir are a horrible man.

And, I might add, a lowly snake seeking to draw fire away from your failure as President in your losing War on Terror, your shattering of the American reputation abroad, and the public's attention to deaths of nearly 1000 Americans in your ill-planned campaign to remove the threat of an attack from Iraq (which apparently was never going to happen).

You seek to divide the Nation on spiritual matters which have no place in government, stripping away a chance at Happiness for millions of Americans thus relagating them to the back of the bus as second class citizens without "...inaliable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

And those bleating sheep who are our elected Senators and Representative roll over exposing their soft, white underbellies for fear of undermining their own re-election chances, those witless masses who wave their little American flags at your rallies supporting you without question, and your Evangelical Horde of Fundies, had all damn well better consider the Casting of Stones, as I am sure that anyone one of them who have been divorced and/or remarried or committed adultery (confession or no) have no fucking leg to stand on and should rethink the sturdiness of their moral high ground.

"My Pet Goat" indeed Mr. President. History will show YOU to be the goat.

Come November, you are going down Charlie Brown!

Ok, so 4 years later he's going down...

I agree with this guy
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On the eve of the first black president, we still don't allow gays to marry. What utter bullshit.

Yup. What utter bullshit is right.
I agree. But then again, I don't have some stupid religion telling me I shouldn't.

But you don't even want to get me started on that.
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